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Distinguishing Between a Real Estate Investor & an iBuyer: 5 Key Contrasts

In the ever-evolving real estate market, the emergence of technology has brought forth new contenders, with iBuyers being a notable addition. iBuyers are companies leveraging technology to furnish swift home offers and expedite the closing process, renowned for their speed, convenience, and ability to offer immediate cash. Yet, how do they deviate from traditional real estate investors? This blog highlights five distinctions between a local real estate investor and an iBuyer.

1. Mission

While iBuyers primarily focus on the rapid buying and selling of houses through technology-driven instant offers, traditional real estate investors, exemplified by entities like Real Property Professionals, prioritize relationship-building and assisting individuals in challenging situations. Their genuine concern lies in providing solutions for homeowners facing swift sales due to financial, emotional, or other reasons. Unlike the sole pursuit of swift profits by iBuyers, real estate investors aim to aid individuals in transitioning to the next chapter of their lives.

2. Financial Support

iBuyers typically enjoy the backing of large corporations, affording them significant financial resources to facilitate speedy cash offers and quick property closures. Real Property Professionals has a $500M financial partner to facilitate closing on your property fast.

3. Transaction Velocity

Renowned for their efficiency, iBuyers employ technology to furnish instant offers and conclude property transactions within days. In contrast, traditional real estate investors may extend the closing timeline, but they possess the capability to deliver creative solutions that facilitate prompt home sales, a facet beyond the reach of iBuyers. Real Property Professionals can close as fast if not faster, in most cases.

4. Offer Dynamics

While iBuyers allure homeowners with immediate cash offers, these offers often fall below what a traditional real estate investor, such as REAL PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS, would propose. Real Property Professionals invests time in comprehending the homeowner’s circumstances and formulates a fair offer that accounts for prevailing market conditions and the homeowner’s specific needs, which puts more money in your hands.

5. Competitive speed

With Real Property Professionals, we close on a home as fast or faster than an iBuyer & most of the time with more money in your pocket.

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